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The Yahoo Ambassador Vs Google Adwords Qualified Individual Program

By Thursday, 05 January 2017 05:58

Which Program is the Right Program for You?

There are many different programs available to a person who is interested in enhancing his or her professional standing when it comes to Internet marketing. Through this article, you are presented with a consideration of becoming a Yahoo Ambassador vs. Google Adwords Qualified individual. Armed with this information, you will be able to determine which of these two courses makes the very best sense for you today.

Through the Yahoo Ambassador program, which costs fifty dollars US to take the examination and receive the certification, you are able to utilize the Yahoo Ambassador logo as part of your own efforts to attract clients to your Internet marketing services. Through the Yahoo Ambassador certification program, you learn what tools are available to you through Yahoo to assist you in providing appropriate services to your PPC clients or customers.

The Yahoo Ambassador program allows you the option of merging all of your individual client accounts into one comprehensive account. Yahoo maintains that you will be able to access a wider range of benefits through the Yahoo Ambassador program by merging all of your individual client accounts into one master account or comprehensive account.

On many levels, the Google AdWords Qualified Individual has some similarities to the Yahoo Ambassador program. Both programs require you to study, take an examination after which -- provided you successful pass the examination -- you obtain certification. Once certified, you are able to advertise the fact to your clients or prospective clients that you are part of one or another of these programs. Moreover, you gain access to a set of tools and services that are only available to people who have obtained this certification.

Perhaps one difference, when it comes to the Google AdWords Qualified Individual program, is the fact that more PPC clients or customers actually recognize and have at least some familiarity with the Google AdWords Qualified Individual program. While Yahoo certainly is growing in regard to market share all of the time, the fact that the Google AdWords Qualified Individual program has a more expansive history does impact its value when it comes to attracting new PPC clients or customers. However, with that said, many professionals are finding that it is most beneficial to work towards obtaining both types of certification so that you well cover all of your professional bases.